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Galaxite is a featured Bedrock Edition Minecraft Server, made by Blockception.

Players can choose between 8 minigames to play; Core Wars, Prop Hunt, Fill The Gaps, Chronos, Hyper Racers, Rush, Playground, and Parkour Builders. Play with friends, earn Achievements Award.png and try and get onto the leaderboards! Galaxite has a small but friendly player base on Minecraft Bedrock Edition.

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Gems & Challenges!

Update 7 brings a whole new currency and all sorts of challenges!

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Chronos Build Contest Winners

Congratulations to the creators of Elven Grove and Mystic Village for winning the build competition!

Season 6

A new season has just released, being Season 6!

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Parkour Builders

Parkour Builders has just released with Season 6!

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Choose a game to view!

Season 6 is out now!

Season 6 has just released with an eighth minigame; Parkour Builders! Explore the brand-new Main Hub with a new parkour, City Roof Spectacle! And speaking of parkour; build and play other people's parkours and unlock vanity items like jump pads and themes to spice up your parkour in Parkour Builders!

Galaxite wants YOUR help on a name for the new Main Hub! If you have any ideas for a hub name, leave them in the #suggestions channel in the Discord.

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