Galaxite MCBE Wiki
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"Extra Things!'" is an item which is set by default to your 9th hotbar slot. When opening, a user interface (UI) will pop up which allows the player to access from a multitude of extra things to tweak their experience.

The Extra Things menu provides:

Private Games Logo.pngNew Game

Queue into a new game or get in a new lobby of the game you are already playing. This can also be done by running the command '/newgame'.

Private Games Logo.pngPrivate Games

Make a private lobby in any game* with the ability to invite any player and pick any map of your choice!

*This feature is only accessible for ranks Ultra & above.

*Does not include Playground and Parkour Builders

Respawn Logo.pngRespawn

If you are in a game and stuck or want to respawn you can use this. This is also helpful in strategic ways. For example, in Core Wars, you can destroy someone's core, put your items in the Ender chest, and respawn so you can go protect your core immediately. In Chronos, if you have a plenty of time, you can respawn to get to campers or move quickly.

Friends Logo.pngFriends

Friend Online Example.png

If you are in a game, you can view your friends online, and remove them.

Change chat channel.pngChange Chat Channel

Change your chat channels to the global channel, or the party channel!

  • Global can be seen by everyone
  • Party and Team chat can be used if 3+ people are in the party or team
Name Global Party Team
Icon Global Chat.png Party Chat.png Team Chat Icon.png

Select a Favourite Game icon.pngSelect a Favourite Game

Clicking this option will open this menu:

You may click on the mode you like to make it display as your favorite one when people click on you for information!

ReturnToHub.webpReturn to Hub/Leave Playground

If you are in the game/lobby, you can go back to the hub by clicking 'Return to Hub'. You can also go to the hub by running the '/hub' command.

If you are in the hub, you can go back to the spawn by clicking 'Return to Spawn'.

ReturnToHub.webpReturnToParkourLobby.webpReturnToPlaygroundSpawn.webpReturn to Spawn/Return to Parkour Lobby

Using this button will return you to the spawn point of the lobby of Playground, Parkour Builders, or Main Hub, depending on which one of these you are in.

Region EU.webpRegion NA.pngChange Region

You can check the players on the region which you aren't in and join there. Currently, there are two regions on Galaxite.

If there are few players on your current region, you'll be encouraged to join a more active region by pop-up form.

Thumbnail Region Active Time (Average)
Region EU.webp EU (London, Europe) 7AM - 7 PM UTC
Region NA.png NA (East Canada, North America) 8 PM - 6 AM UTC

Toogles Logo.pngToggles

Toggle Options
Toggle Description
Hide Tag Hides your rank tag (e.g. Ultra) when turned on.
Hide Friends Requests Hides friend request notifications shown on screen when turned on.
Hide Party Invites Hides party invite notifications shown on screen when turned on.
Hide Game Invites Hides private game invite notifications shown on screen when turned on.
Hide Friend Logins Hides friend logins notifications shown on screen when turned on.
Scramble Gift Codes Makes it impossible to read gift codes when turned on. Good for streamers who want to send a gift to a specific user without revealing the code to other users.

Report Player Logo.pngReport a Player

Do you see someone breaking the rules? Simply report them by using this. If you click the 'Report a Player' button, it displays an option menu for different actions against the rules. Choose the corresponding option based on what the player is doing. (You can report cross-teamers under Harassment) Then, it displays a list of players on the same world. Choose the player that is breaking the rules. Then, it's almost done! But you can add comments. It is highly encouraged to add a comment describing the situation or what the user is doing more accurately. If you don't leave a comment your report may be missed! If you would like to provide evidence of a rule breaker, you can open a ticket on the Galaxite Discord and post it there.

Player Reporting Types
Option Description
Hacking Use this option when you see someone any sort of cheat/hack. Describing what kind of cheats they were using will be very helpful when a helper reviews your report.
Harrassment Use this option when you see cross-teamers or when someone is harassing you or another player. If you have time, please write another teamer's gamertag in the comments as only 1 report can be sent in each game for spam prevention.
Staff Impersonation Use this option when you see someone pretending to be staff, saying for example, "I'm a staff on this server!" "I am going to ban you!" etc.
Sharing Contact Information Use this option when someone is sharing their address, phone number, or anything personal.
Exploiting a Bug Use this option when someone is using bugs to gain an unfair advantage. Example: intentionally glitching into the floor in a game.
Advertising Use this option when someone is advertising/promoting personal content or social media that is unrelated to Galaxite.
Bypassing Chat Filter Use this option when someone is bypassing the chat filter to use vulgar or inappropriate language.
Spamming Use this option when someone is flooding the chat and/or sending the same message multiple times in quick succession.
Inappropriate Skin Use this option when someone is wearing a skin that is inappropriate or offensive.

Report Player Logo.pngReport Map

Use this option to report maps found in Parkour Builders that are not following Galaxite's rules. Adding comments to reports is very helpful!

Building Rules:

  • No inappropriate builds
  • No links
  • No harassment
  • All other Galaxite Rules apply

Music Volume Icon.pngMusic Volume

Change the music volume in the game between 0-100. Currently only in use for Hyper Racers.[1]